NFVTime™ Turn Key uCPE Solution Suite


Plug-and-Play Open uCPE Suite

Telco Systems NFVTime is a complete open uCPE suite enabling to deliver on-demand NFV services with zero-touch provisioning.

NFVTime enables deploying of scalable, customized Virtual Network Functions (VNF) services, offering on-demand managed business services, On-Net and OTT/Off-Net.

Architecture Diagram

Main Features

  • Fully Automated, Zero-Touch Provisioning – With full lifecycle management integration, CSPs can simply ship a white box to the customer site for provisioning, with any future changes or additions done on-demand with the click of a button.
  • Seamless Integration – Flexible deployment models support both local and centralized controller configurations with a standard, open northbound interface and broad support of VNFs and white boxes.
  • Secure and Hardened Systems – Integrated security features protect the environment against security vulnerabilities by monitoring the NFV network topology, flows, and service chaining, alerting on possible vulnerabilities and unauthorized changes
  • Optimized Performance – Designed to run multiple VNFs on low resource white box hardware with high throughput, offering the best cost / performance across Intel x86 and Arm’s CPU portfolio.