one screen for education

Education Hubware

A simple, affordable and all inclusive education bundle to facilitates your efforts by supporting BYOD, remote student attendance, real-time access to content, live collaboration on the same content and much more.

Increase the potential of every lesson

Education has never been made this easy! All of your education collaboration tools are right here. Video, audio, web conferencing and whiteboarding on a large format touchscreen with camera, speakerphone and keyboard – for conference, board and class rooms.

Solution Overview

Distance Learning

Teach, present, train or brainstorm with your students anytime from anywhere.

Affordable Innovation

High quality, affordable, Plug & play, quick install and low-cost ownership for everyone.

Fundamental Apps

End to End solution deliberately built with just the features teams and teachers use most.

Ultra Compatible

Easy integration into your existing collaboration tech portfolio from hardware to software.


Unlimited support and training from dedicated AdcareIT Technical Team.

Hardware / System
  • 4k whiteboard infinite display, which can naturally zoom in and out of pictures, web pages, videos, and documents
  • High-precision touch, support 2.0mm fine recognition, fine pen tip, smoother writing experience
  • Support any signal source annotation function, which can be switched at any time
  • Support multi-screen projection, adapt to multiple devices to achieve simultaneous interpretation of 4 pictures
  • Comes with a Bluetooth module, which can be flexibly connected to a Bluetooth speaker
  • Download the apps you want with Android 8 and Google Playstore
  • Choose from 3 screen sizes that include 32GB, 4K UI, 10-Watt speakers, blue light filter
Software Bundle For Education
  • OneScreen Hype: Browser-based video conferencing and collaboration, 50 licenses
  • OneScreen Annotate: Up to 10 users work together in a shared whiteboard space. Easily exchange and annotate content in real-time
  • OneScreen Attendance: Efficient and secure student attendance management
  • ZUNI Learning: All of the best, free, online lessons & resources in one place integrated with Google Class
  • OneScreen EShare: Share, mirror, and cast devices/screens or applications wirelessly
  • OneScreen Central: Centralized screen control, emergency notification, software upgrades & more
  • OneScreen Navigate: Centralized & customizable product navigation from a home screen
  • Unlimited multi-party calls with up to 50 participants
  • Up to 49 ad-hoc participants using Google Chrome, SIP, or H.323 platforms
  • Universal meeting scheduler for WebEx, Adobe Connect, and Audio Conference
  • Multi-camera support for capturing different angles in large meetings and conferences
  • Save and record your work on cloud or local servers
  • Share, mirror, and cast devices/screens or applications wirelessly
  • Secure instant messaging and exchange of files
  • Convert voice to text with real-time transcription
  • Full access to Android apps and Google Play Store with multi-user login support
  • Write on any content, save, transfer via QR code or email
  • Free unlimited training with the Adcare Tech team
  • Free unlimited Adcare tech support

Bringing Collaborative Learning To Life

Lesson Planning Tools
  • Lesson software that easily integrates into your existing lessons
  • Build new lessons in real-time using multiple file formats
  • Share and save lessons for student access any time
Easy Presentation & Capture Tools
  • One-click access to your network and the web
  • Drag and drop files
  • Record and save classwork sessions
Student Interaction Tools
  • Student polling and voting
  • Student-to-student screen and idea share
  • All students share one classroom screen
  • Students can be in class or interact remotely

Advanced Distance And Blended Learning Capabilities

Lessons available with or without you

  • OneScreen captures, records and saves all of your lessons.
  • Vacationing and sick students stay caught up and less stressed.
  • Personal login so all teachers can set up their own OneScreen hub.

Rethink your approach to sick days

  • Help students lower their stress levels when they miss class.
  • Spend less time on catchup with students that can’t make it to class.
  • Or, easily bring remote students into class via video or audio to view, attend and take part in the lesson.

Knock down those classroom walls

  • OneScreen is always online, so live events coverage is one click away.
  • Anytime access to real-time news content that provides rich learning content.
  • Instantly dial in guests, regardless of the communication platform they use.

All-In-One Interactive Video Collaboration Solutions For Education

Get The Hardware

Best-in-class smart screen, onboard PC, 1080p HD camera and wireless keyboard, 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″ sizes

Get The Software

Distance learning, ZUNI Learning lesson planning & teaching resource integrated with Google Classroom, annotation, share, stream, whiteboard, Google Play Store & more

Get The Help, Training & Support

Free, unlimited help & training from the dedicated AdcareIT team