Why your business should adopt Network Function Virtualization.

Let’s face it, we are a society where data consumption is ingrained in our ever-evolving digital culture, be it at work or at home. We are now what you call data insatiable beings. However, this isn’t something we should look down upon. Our whole existence has been driven by a will to grow, a will to learn, a will to do things better and faster. Data will forever be there, but how can we manage it in a cost effective and sustainable manner?

As a human race, we have become more reliant on the internet since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has in-turn led to a 47 percent increase in broadband data usage, and more gigabit and terabyte subscribers.

As we evolved from 1 kilobyte to a megabyte to gigabytes in data consumption, one thing became crystal-clear: We require a larger bandwidth while still maintaining costs with our scalability needs.

How does this affect my Business?

Businesses need to grow and as they scale up the demand for more data is inevitable. One will pose a question to themselves; well how can I make it as cost effective as possible?

This is where NFV comes in for the rescue. We understand the huge Bandwidth demand the Application has placed on your business for Application Service delivery  to the specific  Branch users in your business.

Saving on the IT budget should be your primary concern while scaling up to numerous branches so that you can use the extra cash on the fundamental resources that will keep the business afloat until you break even and start generating a substantial amount of profit. That’s where we come in.  

The solution we provide will not only be a game changer in your business but will also solve this while also ensuring your systems run smoothly without constant maintenance costs and check-ups. Ensuring systems in all your branches run smoothly 24/7. 365 days a week.

What we Offer

We understand the Business need and the pain it takes to achieve this expectation, we here-by invite you to plug into our cost-effective and Innovative Solution to help your Customers deliver Services to the Branch Users whether from the HQ Server Farm or Remote Data Center with account to the following value Propositions.

Reduced Total Cost of ownership

  • WAN Infrastructure: No stress to Equipment End of Life when the equipment is declared obsolete by the Manufacturer/Brand.
  • No stress to Scaling upwards when upgrades is required on Equipment when the Branch or the network has grown or scaling down
  • No stress to buying multiple Customer Premise Equipment  I.e. Router, Firewall and Bandwidth Management, Warranty expiries.

Have two multiple Links

This is at the cost of the original investment on your connectivity with improved service experience if not better.

High Service availability

We take care of your worries on High Service availability for the user’s Application Access and Security from the Server Firm or the Data Center.

CPE  replacement in case of faults or failures,

No more stressing about the CPE configuration back up or documentation. With this solution, it is automatically stored and restored as soon as the replacement unit is connected to the network.

24/7 – 365 Service

24×7 & Real Time Service Performance Monitoring and Management anywhere, at any time.

Welcome to NFV Technology space where Network Services (IP Routing, Firewall Security, Bandwidth Management) is Virtualized into functions contributing to reduced Total Cost of ownership, flexibility in Service acquisition, Service scalability depending on the customer needs.

The Technology Innovation introduces the network Service in a Cloud Compute Mode to the advantage of  Business Continuity , Service acquisition and  Deployment , Network Service Scalability, centrality in Network Service Management, provisioning , activation and Monitoring  at the fingertip with an instant service scalability as of when demand calls.

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